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Seize the moment with us in the rolling hills south of Lake Garda.

We are: Mauro, Tobia and An and we try to combine the best of two cultures. The typical Italian warmth and charm are mixed with a well-organised ‘Nordic-Flemish’ approach. We like sharing our love for culture, history and gastronomy with you.

Tobia, An en Mauro van Carpe Diem Bed & Breakfast

An Beirens, the Flemish lady who loves Italy

My story is not the classic one. First I fell in love with Italy and only afterwards with my husband. 😊

I was born in Belgium in Flanders near Ghent. At the age of five my parents took me to Italy for the first time. It was love at first sight, the romantic Venice immediately stole my heart. From that moment on I fell in love with the ‘bella Italia’ and this passion has never left me. I had only one wish: to live in Italy…

After my degree in translation Italian-French I worked in Belgium for several companies that had business contacts with Italy. Through one of these multinationals I was able to live my dream and in 1999 I started working in Northern Italy. After a few years the subsidiary closed but I decided to stay in Italy. I found a new job in a lighting company that operated worldwide until the crisis hit there too. When one door closes, another door opens. And so I turned my passion for Italy into a job. I became the owner of our Bed & Breakfast and I also passed the exam to become a tour guide. I enjoy accompanying our guests personally on excursions, tours, experiences and to visit local sites.

And even after many years my passion and love for Italy continue to inspire me.

An Beirens voor water met mooie bloem

Mauro Campion, the Italian

Mauro Campion op boot op zee
And then the Flemish girl fell in love with me. Together we bought an old house with a large barn, ideal for transforming into a Bed & Breakfast. That is what we did, a good choice because the crisis didn’t spare An either: she lost her job. The advantage was that she was able to devote herself completely to welcoming guests in the B&B.

I am a small building contractor and with my own hands I transformed what was once a barn into an elegant contemporary Bed & Breakfast. We worked hard and did almost everything ourselves: while I did the building work, An dedicated herself to furnishing it. We invested all our savings and gave up many holidays but now we are very proud of the result.

The Bed & Breakfast is mainly run by An since I continue to work in my own company. Although I sometimes keep An waiting for renovation work to be finished, I often contribute to the work in the B&B. I like to spoil our guests with my delicious cakes and local specialities. I have even learned to speak a little English in order to assist foreign guests during breakfast.

Tobia Campion, the Flemish Italian

I’m Tobia and I was born here in Italy in 2004. I feel Italian but also Flemish and I can make myself understood in Dutch and English. Just like my dad, I am a hands on type of person. I have a weakness for motorbikes, love good food, play the drums and I am an actor in local historical reenactments. During the holidays I sometimes help my mum in the Bed & Breakfast.
Tobia voor crossmotor

Giangi and Rufus: the cats

Rufus cat
Meow, we are here too: Giangi and Rufus!

Giangi: I am a year older than Tobia and already a “retired” cat. My long hairy coat makes me look like a pedigree cat but I am not. Although I often behave like a real king.

Rufus: I was born on 15th of August 2020 and I am the little prince who likes to play with Giangi’s tail. I am also a common cat.

We do not have access to the Bed & Breakfast. You can meet us in the courtyard garden where we like to sleep and to purr in the sun.

Poes Giangi genietend van de zon

Would you like to experience the authentic life in an Italian village?

Receiving guests is in our DNA. Moreover we are Italy lovers and we adore the area we live in. We love also the life in our idyllic village of Solferino near Lake Garda and even more to share these unique sensations with our guests.
Discover the “real” Italy with us and take an active part in the local life.

Experience all the beauty and feel at home with us in Italy!

Our motto

It speaks for itself: Carpe Diem, Seize the day!

B&B Carpe Diem Solferino is the place to be and to enjoy every moment.

Our mission

To make you happy, to see you leaving satisfied and to see you returning as a friend. A job that we love!

Do you wish to live an authentic Italian holiday too?

Book one of the cosy rooms of our Bed & Breakfast!

More about An

  1. Travelling is in my blood. When I still lived in Belgium I used to spend every free moment travelling in Italy. Now that I live in Italy I travel much less. I now mainly welcome people from all over the world and pass on my knowledge and passion for Italy. Sometimes it happens that I accompany Italians to Belgium.
  2. After all these years I feel more Italian than Belgian but of course without forgetting my Flemish origins.😉
  3. Almost every day I take a picture(s)… It is my way of capturing “small and big” moments life. In that way I can look back on them and always remember them.
  4. I love culture and history, I often walk in nature and I like to enjoy the “beautiful and yummy things in life.
  5. Since 2013, I have been a cultural and artistic mediator in the city of Brescia for FAI, the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (an organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of Italy). I wrote the City Walk “Bellissima Brescia” in Dutch for Ciao tutti (the biggest blog in Dutch dedicated to Italy) as well as an extensive e-book “Garda Slow & More” with lots of information about Lake Garda and the lesser known surroundings.
  6. In Solferino I am a local guide for the Solferino and San Martino Association and I accompany visitors on historical and food and wine walking tours.
  7. During the winter months I stay active: I regularly attend courses and travel about in order to discover new places.


Bed and Breakfast Carpe Diem
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